Nariana Enterprises Limited was incorporated in 2006 as a supplier of material testing, survey, laboratory, instrumentation, and vocational training equipment. In 2011, Nariana launched the Civil Engineering division to provide an extensive, quality-driven and robust portfolio of civil engineering solutions. Nariana is an accredited one stop shop for laboratory equipment, material Testing, Construction / Surveying Equipment and related products in the region.With an array of products to choose from.

We have grown to be one of the most effective and reliable provider of Civil Engineering Contractors and has adopted innovative solutions, services and products of its kind globally. Our Design and Construction activities relate to Roads, Water supply, construction of Dams/irrigation and sewerage. With our vast expertise and extreme customer satisfaction, our goal is to be the leading Civil Engineering Firm in the market. We also have effective and efficient resource, skills and the required technology to create efficient solutions, providing advanced wireless technologies and mobile broadband communication solutions to achieve this goal.